How to find a realy "reliable" service provider?

I'm looking for a hosting service provider but when it comes to reliability, I have doubts. Most providers claims that they offer 99.99999% uptime and "state-of-art" customer support but is there a credible source that compares providers' customer support and other stuff? Are there any tips and tricks about finding the most reliable provider?


  • Are you asking it for a Shared hosting? Or a Managed hosting? VPS or a Cloud hosting?

    It seems your question is also throwing a 404 :)

  • LOL :) I guess VPS is the best choice for me, thanks in advance BTW.

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    A VPS will cost a bit more than a shared hosting. I assume you already know that, so here are some hints, which may be useful for you to decide for the best VPS provider.

    • A virtual private server is a server, which you can do almost everything on it as you can do on a dedicated server. Your websites runs on the same server as other websites. But it is an isolated environment.
    • When you are using a VPS service, you get a dedicated processing power, RAM and diskspace, which other websites or users cannot use.
    • Although it costs more, you get more power. Which means, you can handle more traffic, process more user requests.
    • You have to check for the uptime, the monthly price, the power of the server, the location and many other things while picking up a VPS provider.
    • Also you have to be good at server administration, which may be very difficult for many people (especially for the newbies). So I also assume that you are good at Linux/Windows server administration.
    • You should also check if your VPS supports the latest and major OS/Distros.

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