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  1. sakelestemur

    WordPress vs pure HTML/CSS websites – which is better for SEO?

    There are many WordPress websites that have good rankings on Google. The same goes for static web pages. So I think it is not about using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or custom web framework or a single page etc. There are too many parameters that you have to consider for your SEO content.
  2. sakelestemur

    Is free hosting reliable?

    I agree with uzairch. Most of the Free Hosting plans are not good enough, especially on security features. I am not talking about "all" but "most". So cheap shared hosting seems good solution for your websites.
  3. sakelestemur

    Problem: My emails are marked as spam!

    Maybe you can try another email service provider as an external solution. You can still use your actual shared hosting plan. You may also try Yandex.Mail, it is free to use and easy to integrate your domain.
  4. sakelestemur

    Certification programs via cPanel University

    Hello Bimboo, Thank you for sharing.
  5. sakelestemur

    How can I test my website's performance for different regions?

    Hello, Maybe this online tool can do what you are asking for?
  6. sakelestemur

    Web server choosing

    It depends on the files in your project. Most of the benchmarks show that Nginx is better if the project has a huge amount of static files. If it has more dynamic files, you can choose Apache. I assume you are a RedHat fan, so you can go with CentOS :)
  7. sakelestemur

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    Hello, Could you please tell us what kind of business you have?
  8. sakelestemur

    Resell a fully managed dedicated server

    Hello Romeo, Could you please tell us what do you mean by saying "fully managed"? Do you want the service provider to manage everything for you? Or you want to manage yourself?
  9. sakelestemur

    Hello James, Thank you for joining us. Please don't hesitate to ask your questions and share...

    Hello James, Thank you for joining us. Please don't hesitate to ask your questions and share your opinions.
  10. sakelestemur

    Choosing VPS hosting

    Hello Romeo, Well it is hard to tell just one. But I am using Aruba Cloud and VPSAG. They are both very good VPS providers. Check for their plans on their official site and pick one of them for your project!
  11. sakelestemur

    What is the most economical cloud hosting service?

    Hello, The best and cheapest way can be a low-end VPS but you should increase the resources as in time your audience grows up. One of the most important thing you should consider is the SSL. Because you want your visitors to rent a car, you would probably have a payment infrastructure for your...
  12. sakelestemur

    Hosting for a WP blog

    Hello Jane, There are several web hosting providers offers service for WordPress bloggers. Kindly search for the keyword "WordPress hosting" and pick one regarding your needs and budget. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.