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    Best Linux distro for beginners?

    Hey, I want to learn Linux for my career, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, but most of them are using different distros. What do you guys suggest for me? Which one is the most beginner-friendly and basic Linux distro that I can use?
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    How can I test my website's performance for different regions?

    Hello, Sometimes my website's loading speed seems low. I'm worrying if it's worse for other regions of the world. I'm living in Europe, and the server is in Europe too. How can I test my website's performance for Asia or Africa for example?
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    Best e-commerce platform for SEO?

    Hi, I'm planning to sell some good online but I have no idea which platform I should use. I guess woocommerce is very popular but I wonder does any of those platforms are better for SEO? Or are there pluging like WordPress for SEO? Thanks!
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    Does domain extensions affect SEO?

    Hello, I'm a little bit confused about domain extensions. I'm starting a new blog, but the .com version of the domain is owned and available for sale. But obviously it will cost a lot. Other extensions such as .net or .xyz is not owned by anyone. The thing is, is .com better for SEO or are they...
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    How can I test a WordPress theme on mobile devices?

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a WordPress theme for my blog. The photos I took are the most important part of my content. So I want to be sure that the theme I will buy to be able to scale them and the other elements on the website for all kind of mobile devices. How can I test a WordPress theme for...
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    Collocation or dedicated server rental

    Is a collocation or dedicated server rental more cost effective option?
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    Vps or Dedicated Server?

    Is VPS or dedicated server the best for a medium scale organization?