How Can Data Center Users Prepare for the 5G Era


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Remember the huge infrastructure overhaul when companies were preparing for the introduction of 4G in 2015? 5G promises computing speeds that are 100 times faster than current networks. As such, data centers will have to mix edge and modular to support these super-fast computing rates. meaning that preparations are going to be accordingly extreme:more power, cooling, servers, racks, PDUs, and space.

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Edge micro data centers data centers

With numerous connected technologies taking advantage of 5G, the challenge is going to be to process the high volumes of data at high speed, this is where edge computing comes in. Often mentioned as the next major technology trend after the cloud, edge computing describes an environment where data processing takes place as close as possible to the info source. this may ensure speed and low latency, helping to satisfy 5G’s performance goals. Since 5G cannot deliver on its promises without ultra-low latency and high levels of interconnection, or in other words,without a large fleet of smaller data centers, physically located within the populations they serve. Of course,there is still a requirement for central data centers to handle applications’ less latency-critical needs.

Data center:time to prepare for the 5G Era

It provides chance as well as challenges. Service providers will need to refine or transform their architecture to support 5G.

When rapid deployment is required, traditional data center solutions can impede the expansion process with complicated construction timelines and higher TCO. As a result, the data center integration solution is fast becoming the construction method of choice for data center upscaling. More and more data center companies such as Kstar, ABB,has launched a series of integrated solutions: mini data center solutions, Medium and Large Data Center Solutions. With modular design for all products, standard production line, factory pre-installation, pre-test, and whole-package transportation, field installation requires only basic combined cabinet assembly for plug and play and rapid deployment.